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Welcome to Hidenka's Cattery!


We are a small family cattery of Exotic Shorthair and Foldex. As we prioritize quality over quantity, each cat is carefully selected according to its genetics and character to match the breed standard, while being a great life companion. Foldexs and Exotics Shorthairs are very affectionate, playful cats, and perfect for everyone !


Nous travaillons avec des lignées reconnues tels que : Le Cat NC, d'Eden Lover, Kuorii, Jedayafri, Dreamz, Ladiluck, Kobano, Dreamquete, Mare-Nostrum, Ocalicos, Big Red, Ziakatz, AR-EL-ES, Tekikatz, Cyrridwen, Star Empire, et plus...

The Exotic Shorthair


The Exotic Shorthair is an American breed born in the 1950s from the crossing between an American Shorthair and a Persian in order to introduce the silver color of the Persian to the American Shorthair. Some Persian breeders, such as Jane Martinke, saw the potential to create a new breed of shorthair Persian, and made crosses with Burmeses and Russian Blue. The Exotic Shorthair was recognized by the CFA in 1967 and allowed to compete in cat shows. Then, it was recognized by TICA in 1979 and by FiFé in 1983. The first Exotics Shorthairs were imported to Europe in 1980.

Although the Exotic Shorthair is the result of several crosses, only marriage with the Persian family has been authorized by the CFA since 1987.

Exotic x Exotic (Longhair or Shorthair)

Exotic x Persian

Exotic x Himalayan (pointed or not pointed)

Expositions félines

Nous participons aux expositions du Chat Canada Cat (CCC), auxquelles nous accueillons des juges invités de plusieurs associations internationales tels que la TICA, la CFA, la WCF, le LOOF et la FIFE, pour ne nommer que ceux-là. Venez nous rencontrer !

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